New Catalogue: Discover the new products for April 2023

We are excited to present you with our latest innovations and new products that use the newest technology to make energy efficiency effortless.
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This April we are excited to bring you a range of innovative products that use the latest technology to ensure energy efficiency has never been easier. Additionally, we are enabling Human Centric Lighting within our Smart portfolio to further improve your lighting experience.

Whether you're looking for lighting solutions for offices, retail spaces, schools, industrial environments, or even sports fields, we have you covered with our wide range of solutions for indoor and outdoor lighting projects.

Plus, with the ban on fluorescent lamps, our catalogue provides plenty of (new) solutions to make your switch to LED easy, fast, and affordable.

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Catalogue April 2023


Among our new products for April, you can find:

The Floodlight Olympus, our most powerful sports lighting solution to date, with a range of up to 192,000 lm and a high efficacy of up to 160lm/W. It also features flexible mounting methods and DALI dimming for lower energy consumption. We are expanding our professional range of high-performance luminaires for sports facilities and large-area installations. 

Together with the Olympus, we are expanding our Floodlight EcoMax family from 10 to 200W, with improved efficacy of up to 130 lm/w. Including in the 10W/20W projectors the versions with motion detection (MD). In addition, our Floodlight Performer Modulo has been optimised with asymmetric optics and now comes in versions from 70W to 380W.


New in our panels: new family of the Slim Panel Performer with backlighting and an improved efficiency of 140lm/W. As for the Slim Panel EcoMax we also included a new family with a high efficiency of 130lm/W, and also available in UGR22 versions.

Our Highbay Performer comes with improved ultra slim design, 160 lm/W efficiency and extra high power versions (240 W).

As for Opple's sealed versions, we present our top-of-the-range solution, the Waterproof Performer, with an efficiency of 150 lm/W and an extended lifetime of up to 100,000 hours. As for the more cost-effective Waterproof Basic, we increased its efficacy to 130 lm/W and included standard feed-through wiring for faster installation. 


Opple Lighting has been offering a wide range of intelligent lighting products for several years. In this area, we continue to develop our Smart Lighting portfolio by upgrading to the standardised Bluetooth SIG mesh® (BLE2) communication protocol.

At the same time, we enable Human Centric Lighting (HCL) within our SMART solutions. With our Tunable White luminaires, we promise you the easiest to use and quickest to install HCL system on the market to further enhance your lighting experience.

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